I decided to write this post because I feel offended by some of the very little amount of offers for audiovisual translators. Or better say, by what they offer and what conditions one is able to agree to because one needs to work.

There are many sites for translators and people who need translations. How does it work? Someone puts an ad/offer. Translators see the offer and have to BID. Bidding consists on saying how much will it cost for the client if he pick you among (literally) thousands of others. You don’t know how other translators bid, what they offer.

What is really sad, is that often the client doesn’t care about the quality of the translation. He only cares to pay as little as possible. If we talk about audiovisual translations, it will simply mean that at the end, you watch your favorite program and see that the translation is very poor quality, it bothers you, maybe even gets you angry. But the client paid as little as possible. He is happy.

There are, of course, exceptions. Sometimes the client isn’t able to pay more, but the job has some meaning, or the distributor is a well-known company. Sometimes it’s worth it. Most of the time, the translator just lets someone use him because he needs to earn his life.

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